Waves by José Ramón Torres

Genre: Literary Fiction

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“The only thing to be done with this country is leave it, once and for all.”
Ángel could never have pictured himself in a situation like this — hungry, tired, and unsure if he’ll live to see tomorrow. But no price is too high for his family’s future.
Waves plunges the reader into a world of dominoes, rum, cigars, sex, drugs, boleros and sharks, while weaving together three episodes of Cuban mass migration to the United States.
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Author Spotlight: José Ramón Torres

Author ImageJosé Ramón Torres (Havana, 1963) completed his university studies in English Language and Literature at University of Havana and a PhD in Education at University of Barcelona. He has worked as a university professor, translator, interpreter, TV presenter, proofreader, localization project and language manager, telephone operator, doorman and street seller. Waves is his first foray into fiction after several academic publications.