The Loneliest Alpha by T. A. Grey

Genre: Romance

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From USA TODAY Bestselling Author T. A. Grey comes a beauty-and-the-beast paranormal romance and a USA TODAY Happily Ever After recommended read! When lingerie designer Alicia Clarkson is carted off asa possible mate to the scarred cowboy alpha, Gavin MacKellen, of the Oregon pack, she never expects to find a damaged man unwilling to reveal his face, nor a pack terrorized by a murderer, or an intense love that will surpass lifetimes.
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Author Spotlight: T. A. Grey

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USA TODAY Bestselling Author T. A. GREY lives in Missouri where she lets her imagination explore uncharted worlds, strange probabilities, and creatures that don’t really exist. With her Bachelor of Science in Professional writing, T. A. enjoys writing about feisty women and heroic men in creative situations.

When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing, and planning her next book. On the side, she enjoys watching horror movies and stand-up comedians. She is married with five cats, but she’s not married to the cats. Learn more about her books at