//The Knowing: Book One by Ninie Hammon

The Knowing: Book One by Ninie Hammon

Genre: Religious & Inspirational

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It starts with a school shooting.
It ends with the return of an evil as ancient as the skeleton of the universe.

In the middle, normal garden-variety people must figure out how to live their everyday lives—how to survive!—after they discover that all Bible stories about demons and angels … they’re true.
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Author Spotlight: Ninie Hammon

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Most of Ninie Hammon’s writing career was devoted to telling TRUE stories. For twenty-five years, she was a journalist—and she was good at it, started her own newspaper and won a wall full of awards.

But journalism never felt right—like walking around with sand in her shoe. Seven years ago, she took her shoe off, dumped out the sand and settled into making up the facts instead of reporting them. Writing fiction fit as perfect as Cinderella’s slipper.

Since then, she has written eleven novels—about ordinary people caught up in harrowing circumstances they didn’t create and don’t want, situations they have to fight their way out of. And in the process, they discover they are stronger, more noble, braver — or more cowardly and evil—than they ever suspected.

Hammon is noted for creating characters so real they feel like family, emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page.

She’s also noted for her characteristic “dusting of the unexplainable.”

If you think everything in life has a reasonable, rational explanation, Ninie Hammon’s books may not be for you. She believes there are forces at work in the universe we can’t see, with power we can’t begin to imagine, and plans we don’t understand. The characters in her novels believe that, too—at least, by the end of the book they do.

There’s something else you’ll always find in Ninie Hammon’s books—the absence of obscenity and graphic sex. She figured out a long time ago that you can capture a reader’s attention, engage his mind and his heart, lock him in a vise-grip of suspense and so terrify him he has to sleep with the lights on—all without dropping the F-bomb.

She made another important discovery years ago, too. It’s the reason she’ll never retire, will write until they shovel in the dirt. The very best part about being a writer instead of a journalist is you get to go to work in your pajamas.

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