The Gunslinger’s Mail-Order Bride by Heidi Vanlandingham

Genre: Romance

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Kidnapped as a child, Dallas Paxton is not one to let someone else’s actions keep her down. Escaping her captor’s threat of prostitution, she travels west under the guise of a mail-order bride. When Apaches attack the stage, she finds herself in danger…until a handsome stranger appears out of nowhere.
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Author Spotlight: Heidi Vanlandingham

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Heidi Vanlandingham currently lives in Central Oklahoma with her husband and two sons. At a very young age, she discovered a need to travel and a love for books and writing. It didn’t matter what implement found its way into her hand—pencil, pen, or crayon (red and green were her favorites)—she rewrote all her favorite stories by scribbling her (often unintelligible) words over the printed pages of her picture books. Thankfully, her technique has improved, and she currently writes historical western, snarky fantasy, and paranormal stories.