//Sweet Blooms by Dean Hodel

Sweet Blooms by Dean Hodel

Genre: Romance

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Virginia Tucker told herself she was only going home for grandpa’s funeral.
She isn’t going home to nurse a broken heart. She isn’t going back to find a new job. She isn’t going home to find true love. She isn’t doing any of that until she does.
Mark Seiman is the man she shouldn’t want.
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Author Spotlight: Dean Hodel

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Dean was brought up by a single mother who emphasized Christian values, common sense and education. Due to the lack of money when he was growing up, he became an avid reader. After completing college, Dean traveled the world and used that common sense to promote himself in his field.

As a testament to the teachings of his mother, he now writes about relationships and Christian values. He wanted his mother to know; he was listening.

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