Surgery Open Heart by Steven Monteiro RN

//Surgery Open Heart by Steven Monteiro RN

Surgery Open Heart by Steven Monteiro RN

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Learn Step by Step the Entire Experience of Open Heart Surgery

There are benefits and risks involved in every surgery, especially one as important as open heart surgery. By following the up-to-date guidelines in this book, you can minimize your risks and achieve a great outcome from your cardiac surgery.
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Author Spotlight: Steven Monteiro RN

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Thirty years ago I started working in the Operating Room as a Surgical Technologist. During that time I scrubbed and assisted on every single operation one could imagine; from Orthopedic Surgery to General Surgery to even GYN Surgery. When I finally ended up in the Cardio-Vascular Department, I knew I was home. I loved the surgery and I loved the professionals I got to work with every single day (see the pic of some of our team!). From left to right, that’s Evelyn (we call her mother, she’s been in the O.R over 45 years! and she keeps us all in line), then it’s Laura, Kathryn, me …the best looking guy in the pic! and little Keo.

I eventually went on to get my nursing degree and never looked back from there. There isn’t a single Cardio-Vascular or Peripheral Vascular surgery I haven’t seen or assisted on. Every day is a challenge and every day is super rewarding.

When I first thought about writing Surgery Open Heart, it was a mere whisper of a thought. A booklet for patients going to have surgery…uhm a good idea. That idea grew, and once I started writing my ‘little pamphlet’, it grew into an entire book! I’m working on the second version of Surgery Open Heart and I listened to what my patients wanted to hear more about and I am feverishly adding it to the second edition; which should be out in a month or so.

And that’s basically my surgical story; oh yeah did I mention.. I love to write!
See you in the O.R.

Steven G. Monteiro RN

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