Solomon’s Gold by Alex Lukeman

Genre: Suspense / Thriller

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An ancient scroll written in code is discovered in a New York museum. Selena Connor is called in to break the code and translate the writing. She’s a world-class linguist, a member of the secretive, covert operations team known as the Project.

The scroll reveals clues to a treasure collected by King Solomon to build and maintain the First Jewish Temple.
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Author Spotlight: Alex Lukeman

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Alex Lukeman writes action/adventure thrillers featuring a covert intelligence unit called the PROJECT. He is the author of the award-winning Amazon best seller, The Tesla Secret. Alex is a former Marine and psychotherapist and uses his experience of the military and human nature to inform his work. He likes riding old, fast motorcycles and playing guitar, usually not at the same time.

You can email him at He loves hearing from readers and promises he will get back to you.