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Horror Nightscape Double Feature No. 1
David Edwards
Nightscape Double Feature No. 1 Available as: PDF

Two Complete Novels of Wartime Terror & Adventure

Superhuman soldiers, secret animal cults, marooned alien gods, masked detectives, crystalline ghosts and surreal apocalypse weapons—this one is chock-a-block with pulp-inspired weirdness!

The first novel, The Thousand-Eyed Fear, follows a ragtag squad of teen soldiers on their WW1 mission to infiltrate a secret German research facility and either steal or destroy the prototype for an advanced tank…

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Horror One Pissed-Off Shark
Zack Scott
One Pissed-Off Shark Available as: MOBI, PDF

Ray and his friends have anger issues. So does the shark hunting them. Meanwhile, a private investigator hires an incompetent shark hunter to track down the man-eating beast.

Part horror. Part satire. All body count…

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