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Fantasy Different Lee
Bill Hiatt
Different Lee Available as: Gifted eBook through Amazon

Abandoned at birth, DL has tried to cut himself off from his past as much as possible, lying if necessary to conceal what little he knows about himself. Then he starts to have strange, unsettling dreams of goals he must reach before shadowy enemies can stop him. When these dreams begin to intrude into his waking life, and he starts to develop unusual abilities, he realizes that he may be more than human…

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Fantasy Separated from Yourselves
Bill Hiatt
Separated from Yourselves Available as: Gifted eBook through Amazon

Betrayed by a trusted ally and cut off from any magical assistance, Taliesin Weaver’s friends face their greatest challenge yet: can they defeat evil forces of unimaginable power without Tal to lead them? Some of them have been captured already. Others have been magically warped into enemies…

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