Terms and Conditions of the Read and Review Program

Unfortunately there is no way to make legal stuff sound nice and friendly, so please keep that in mind while reading Choosy Bookworm’s terms and conditions.

With the fee of the Read and Review Program (R&R Program), the author is purchasing advertising space in the Choosy Bookworm newsletter and on the website, www.choosybookworm.com.  The author is not purchasing reviews.

Reviews are not guaranteed and can not be guaranteed.  Readers are not employed by Choosy Bookworm and receive no compensation.

Choosy Bookworm will follow up with readers twice to remind them to leave a review.  Not all readers will review.  You the author are encouraged to follow up with one or two personal, gentle reminders as well.

Based on past experience, about 90% of interested readers are likely to claim the book and 40-60% of those who claimed are likely to review.  Some readers do not claim the book, in part because they had purchased it previously, downloaded it previously during a past promotion, or lost interest in reading the book due to any kind of personal situation.

Reviews can be anything from 1 star to 5 stars, as readers are asked to leave an honest review.  Amazon reserves the right to reject any review.  There will be no refunds or compensation in case reviews are rejected.

Some books may not receive the required number of readers.  In that case, the author may choose either a Premium Feature or 2 Guaranteed Features for a book of the author’s choice as compensation (choice of 2 Premium Features or 4 Guaranteed Features in case of Premium R&R’s).  Monetary refunds will not be issued once the book has been advertised by Choosy Bookworm as paid R&R fees by the author compensate Choosy Bookworm for providing advertising space in the newsletter and on the website as well as time spent communicating with readers and authors.  This remains true even if not enough interested readers requested the book.  In case of a low sign up rate of interested readers for a specific book, Choosy Bookworm may choose to continue to promote the book on the site and in the newsletter, or to offer no-cost book promo features as described above as compensation for discontinuing to feature the book.

It is not permissible for the author to offer additional free books to the interested readers that Choosy Bookworm provided to the author – under any circumstance.  For example, if the book which is or was enrolled in the R&R program is part of a series, it is not permissible to offer another book of the same series to those readers who have read and/or reviewed the book which is or was enrolled in the R&R program.   Gifting additional eBooks to the reader may prevent the reader the ability to take interest in any other books featured in the R&R program and is thus harmful to the other authors participating in the program as well as to Choosy Bookworm.  Any violation will result in termination of the book’s enrollment in the program without refund.

To distribute the eBooks to the readers, it is not permissible to use Instafreebie or any other service that advertises or offers a competitor’s product due to conflict of interest.

There will be no book substitutions.  For example, in case the book enrolled in the R&R program does not gather interested readers as quickly as hoped, it is not permissible to replace the book with another book.

For quality control purposes, one email address received by the author from Choosy Bookworm may be our own.  Ebooks sent to this quality control email address may be claimed by us, but there will be no review from us or anyone affiliated with Choosy Bookworm, because that would be a conflict of interest.

Readers may contact you, the author, at the email address you used to sign up for the R&R Program if they have any questions or feedback, so please be sure to enter the email address you’d want them to use to contact you.  Readers will receive your email address from Choosy Bookworm, so that they have a way to contact you, the author.

The author distributes his/her eBook files (any type) at their own risk.  Choosy Bookworm can not and will not be held liable for whatever happens to the file the author distributes.  If an author does not agree to this stipulation, he/she is not authorized to use our services.

The reader is only authorized to contact you regarding your book in the R&R Program and is not authorized to send emails for any other purpose, such as requesting another book, offering a service, or any other reason.

Choosy Bookworm’s liability for any kind of damages will never exceed $100.  You agree to this stipulation when using any Choosy Bookworm service.

Authors need to be courteous with readers at all times.  Violation may result in termination of enrollment.

Choosy Bookworm reserves the right to reject any book and not include it in the R&R Program.

In case of a book not receiving all of its interested readers within 9 months of its first day in the Read & Review Program (the first day is the date of its first Read & Review feature in the newsletter), the book will be taken out of the Read & Review Program. In exchange, the author will receive a free Premium book promo feature as compensation.

We make no claims regarding books that are in Amazon’s KDP Program.  This program may or may not be compliant with Amazon KDP terms and it is up to the author to follow any Amazon requirements he/she has agreed to.

In the event that the Read & Review Program ceases to exist, there would be no financial compensation or refunds. In lieu of a refund, an author may choose to receive Premium and Guaranteed Features for any of their books adding up to the value of the Read & Review package he/she originally purchased.

Choosy Bookworm’s Terms and Conditions (these conditions and all others on our site and the site for authors) will be updated from time to time.

Whenever terms and conditions are updated, the new terms supercede the old terms.  If you do not agree to the new terms, your only recourse is to not use our services.  If at that point you have already signed up for our services but have not used them yet, you may ask for a refund.

Updated:  September 2016




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