Raging Falcon by Stephen Perkins

Genre: Fantasy

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In a dark world of lies and deception nothing is ever what it seems. Is there no redemption for evil? Can a miracle save the innocent?
In the 21st century, wars are won in the mind rather than on battlefields. One man, sorcerer disguised as soldier, will forever alter American history with black magic!
Major Stacey Truman Keogh is a specialist in psychological operations-a terrorist disguised in military uniform.
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Author Spotlight: Stephen Perkins

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In just his first year as independent author, Massachusetts native Stephen Perkins’ thrilling, entertaining, and thought provoking books, Raging Falcon, American Siren, and Escape to Death have fast gained a loyal and rabid audience. While enjoying the books, be sure to check out Newsspellcom.org for a unique perspective on the news of the world you shall not surely discover anywhere else. New! Dark supernatural fantasy and science fiction thriller SORCERERS DYNASTY is coming OCT 11!