Potion of the Hound: Mystical Mishaps Series Book 1 by Alicia Scarborough

Genre: Children’s and Middle Grade

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Family is everything and Helga would do anything to keep her family together … anything.

Fifteen-year-old Helga, a teen aged witch, had a rough start in life as she and her sisters were left to fend for themselves after losing their parents.

Scraping together what money they had the sisters bought a run-down cafe to sell baked goods and cafe beverages.
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Author Spotlight: Alicia Scarborough

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Alicia Scarborough has always been able to enthrall her nieces and nephews when they were young with enchanting tales that had them begging for more way past their bedtimes. During her youth, Alicia could be found adventuring through the golden fields and green oak forests in the Sierra mountains all the while thinking up new stories during her hike.