November’s Past by A. E. Howe

Genre: Mystery

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The job of criminal investigator in a rural Florida county is never easy, but it’s even harder when your father is the sheriff.

When Larry Macklin investigates the murder of a mutilated stranger, the search for the victim’s identity intersects with an arson investigation. The common thread is a small group of people who were in high school together in the ’70s, including Larry’s own father.
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Author Spotlight: A. E. Howe

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A. E. Howe lives and writes on a farm in the wilds of north Florida with his wife, horses and more cats than he can count. He received a degree in English Education from the University of Georgia and is a produced screenwriter and playwright. His first published book was Broken State; the Larry Macklin Mysteries, which just published the seventh book in the series – May’s Danger, is his first series and he has plans for more. Howe enjoys riding, competitive shooting and working on the farm. Visit his website at