Night of the Hidden Fang by T. James Logan

Genre: Teen & Young Adult



Mia just wants to fit in with her new school in a new city, maybe find a nice boyfriend.

But her suburban life is turned upside down when she encounters three younger boys, naked and on the run. Mia is drawn into a shadow world where dark shapes prowl quiet neighborhoods, hunting for fresh meat.


Author Spotlight: T. James Logan

Author Image

T. James Logan writes a lot of different kinds of things, from science fiction, fantasy, and horror to working on roleplaying games and screenplays. In this persona, he loves to recapture bits of childhood, those times when a glimpse of a werewolf on television kept him up at night, those times when crushes were crushing, and those moments of youthful exuberance when the world was all possibilities. He lives in Denver, Colorado, with his family, plus a dog and a cat, neither of which are lycanthropes—at least he’s pretty sure.