//Mosaic Chronicles Boxed Set by Andrea Pearson

Mosaic Chronicles Boxed Set by Andrea Pearson

Genre: Fantasy

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Disappearances at a popular national park… Monsters from another dimension… And Nicole can’t use her magic. What could possibly go wrong? If you like break-the-mold paranormal fiction, light romance, and fast-paced adventure, then you’ll love the first five books in Andrea Pearson’s groundbreaki
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Author Spotlight: Andrea Pearson

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Andrea Pearson is an avid reader and outdoor enthusiast who plays several instruments, not including the banjo. Her favorite sports are basketball and football, though several knee surgeries and incurably awful coordination prevent her from playing them.

Andrea graduated from BYU with a bachelor of science degree in Communications Disorders. She is the author of many full-length novels and novellas. Writing is the chocolate of her life – the only thing she ever craves. Being with her family is where she’s happiest, and she loves thunderstorms, the ocean, hiking, public speaking, painting, and traveling.

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