Moira’s Song by Tawnya Lee

Genre: Fantasy

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Reeling from the loss of her family, Moira McCauley clings to the only love she has left – her twin sons. Her only dream is to give her boys what she didn’t have. Love. Stability. Acceptance. She’s succeeding until a mysterious stranger destroys her precarious world with one bite, plunging Moira into a realm of ancient gods, witchcraft, and Celtic blood-drinkers.
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Author Spotlight: Tawnya Lee

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Tawnya lives in Austin, Texas with her three children, dog, and cat. It feels like a zoo most of the time. While she’d like to claim to be the zookeeper, she’s pretty sure the cat is actually running the show.
Tawnya worked in the IT field for over a decade before moving to education. She spent three years researching Irish culture, history, mythology, and the Irish language to give a layer of depth and realism to her Celtic vampires.