Mise en Death: a LeBeau Chocolates Adventure (Bittersweet Mystery, #1) by Nikki Woolfolk

Genre: Mystery

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Alex LeBeau, Chocolatier and Chef Instructor, wants nothing more than to give her almost grown son a quiet life and a place to call home. Settling in Honfleur, Louisiana, Alex can distance herself from her chaotic romantic past and association with the clandestine group Bellicose Solanum (BelSol).
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Author Spotlight: Nikki Woolfolk

Author Image

Nikki Woolfolk is a professional Chocolatier, Author, and Speaker. Nikki enjoys pulling readers into her humor-filled spectacular cogged and geared world.

Sought after for her informative Chocolate Tasting sessions at conventions, Nikki uses her polymath talents to pen articles on the craft of writing and apply her computer science, culinary and aviation knowledge to create a sleuth chef that cooks up Steampunk adventures under a dirigible filled sky.

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