Me and Mister Bo by Dan Nimak

Genre: Literary Fiction

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When thirteen-year-old Taya’s beloved grandfather dies, she sets out on a mission to find his old friend. Her journey to Mister Bo holds many surprises, and she discovers that once they meet – the adventure has only begun. Partnering with Mister Bo, Taya has a unique opportunity to grasp the hope she desperately seeks, but the answer to the life-changing decision she must soon make isn’t as simple as it seems.
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Author Spotlight: Dan Nimak

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Hello! No formal biography in the third-person here. It’s just me, Dan, lover of books, animals, science fiction, and peanut butter. After years of playing around with my Math degree, I decided to give writing a shot. I’m not sure what happened, but I now have three completed novels, the most recent of which is “Me and Mister Bo.”

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