Inside Ascension by Amy Proebstel

Genre: Fantasy


What lengths will a young mother go to when trying to find her daughters? When Amanda’s memories return, no obstacle is too big for her as she embarks on an amazing journey of intrigue, mystery, and danger in her search of a portal back to Tuala. Amanda recalls how Tuala is a world filled with magic


Author Spotlight: Amy Proebstel

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Amy is a wife, mother, and owner of three Pomeranians and one stray cat who chose to be raised by her. She lives on an acre of land in the country with her husband, Richard. She is a private pilot and, in her free time, she likes to take her husband flying.
Her daughter, Kailey, is grown so Amy finds there is plenty of time to immerse herself in the world of her characters. The ideas for this series of books came to her in multiple dreams which she could not ignore.