I. A. CRISPR: Does Artificial Intelligence Dream of Genetic Engineering? by Lucas Spangler

Genre: Science Fiction

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“A mind-bending, relentlessly surprising debut thriller” from author L. A. Spangler


A pathogen designed with artificial intelligence…

Engineered to wipe out minorities…

About to erupt into a pandemic.
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Author Spotlight: Lucas Spangler

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L. A. Spangler invented time travel, the pet rock, and force fields. His first encounter with extra-terrestrial life resulted in an exchange of goods. He received instructions on faster than light travel, and he handed over a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. (No judging). Peaceful relations between the two species exist to this day. He has written a thousand books on the subject of quantum computing in the teleportation age. L. A. loves telling stories. Some of them made up – like his fiction books.