Eagles and Hawks and Also People As Well by Frank Marcopolos

Genre: Literary Fiction

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College baseball star Enzo Prinziatta’s life is on track for greatness — a promising career, an attractive girlfriend carrying his baby, and endorsements lined up for miles. But when a long-held secret is revealed about his idolized, late father — shaking the very foundation of his faith — how will Enzo prevent his life from going completely off the rails?

“The mysterious keeps taking prominence in this novel: the hazing rituals, which are amusing, sexy, confusing, and disturbing all at once; the hard-to-figure attitudes of Enzo [Prinziattas]’s teammates; oddities like a replica of the Winchester Mystery House that somehow features a pagan mechanical bull ride; Trudy [Booth]’s oracular pronouncements; and portentous dreams and symbols involving several dead birds and brick-tied balloons that a teammate pops.
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Author Spotlight: Frank Marcopolos

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Books. I’ve been a book nerd ever since my mom took me to the Flatbush Avenue branch of the New York Public Library during a campaign called “Reading is FUN-damental.” That’s when I got hooked on reading, age 6 or so, lost in a library, surrounded by words. And I haven’t ever really gotten rid of the “book bug,” either. These days, I’m an author, podcaster, and audiobook narrator living in central Texas without a pet. “Read as much as possible, even while on the toilet.” That’s my motto. Links to everything I do can be found on FrankMarcopolos.com.