Do We Know WHY We Believe WHAT We Believe? by James Rondinone

Genre: Religious & Inspirational

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Many believers know WHAT they believe, but do not know WHY they believe what they believe.
Does this sound like you?

This book will help answer some of your questions as we look at these biblical topics presented from opposing views.

Tithing – Is Tithing Still Relevant?

Eternal Security – Can a Believer Lose Their Salvation?

Tongues – Are Prayer Tongues the Evidence of the Baptism of the Spirit?
Should Every Believer Speak in Prayer Tongues?

May this provide you with a fuller understanding of what you believe and why.
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Author Spotlight: James Rondinone

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My name is James Rondinone. I am a husband, father, and spiritual leader.
I grew up in Massachusetts and began my own spiritual journey early on in life.
I attended Bible college having completed a two-year Christian Leadership Course of Study and graduating as Valedictorian (Magna Cum Laude).
Studying and teaching the word of God has been a passion of mine for over 20 years.
Recently, I have decided to start to publish many of the teachings that have been a part of a weekly series in the spiritual category of my local newspaper. I also have a new website for my published books.

My desire is for those readers to discover their own spiritual journey and develop a new way of thinking. This new way of thinking is contained in God’s Word, and it is applied in all of my writings.