Damnation Robot: A Paranormal Space Opera Adventure (Galactic Demon Hunters Book 1) by Aaron Crash

Genre: Science Fiction

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In an infinite universe, evil knows no limits …

When a black hole exploded, killing Blaze and Elle’s father and opening the demonic Onyx Gate, they had no idea how much their lives would change.

Now, thirty years later, Blaze is a highly trained astral Marine, and Elle is a powerful Onyx witch.
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Author Spotlight: Aaron Crash

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As Aaron Michael Ritchey, he writes award-winning and bestselling young adult novels. As Aaron Crash, he writes adrenaline-fueled odysseys into the extreme regions of sci-fi/fantasy. If you’re looking for cyborg vampires or jellyfish centaurs, you’ve come to the right place. Either way, he grew up reading fast, fun, action novels, and so he decided to write those kinds of books. They’re kind of a departure from his AMR stuff, but not really. You’ll still get excitement, drama, and explosions, man, lots of explosions.