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Dance of Grace by Stacy Monson

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon In one unexpected moment, dancer Vanessa Jordan lost her family, her career, and her future. She blames God for destroying everything that mattered. Kurt Wagner, an ex-con with a second chance at life and faith, aches to shed his past and see his dream of helping teens become reality. […]

SHIFTER: Polar Bear, Part One by Emerald Wright

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon PART ONE OF TWO!!! Cliffhanger… HIM: I’m focused on two things; completing my degree & swimming. Until I meet her. But can she accept that I’m a shapeshifter? A polar bear? HER: I’m practically a born-again virgin, I’m so focused on my studies. Until I meet him, when he […]

Onyx Webb: Book One by Andrea Waltz

Genre: Suspense / Thriller Grab it from Amazon Get Entangled in Onyx Webb: An Addictive New Paranormal Suspense Series Onyx Webb is a multi-genre mash-up that combines supernatural suspense, crime, horror, and a touch of romance. Finalist: National Indie Excellence Awards: Cross Genre. Onyx Webb is a ghost. Billionaire playboy Koda Mulvaney becomes obsessed with […]

Secrets of Sand Mountain by Philip Elrod

Genre: Suspense / Thriller Grab it from Amazon SERENE AND BEAUTIFUL ON THE OUTSIDE. Fires raging beneath the surface. Moonshine, murder, an escaped German prisoner of war….from the tiny town of Campbell Crossing to Cuba’s glory days as the play-ground for the rich and unscrupulous, to post-war England. The Secrets of Sand Mountain stretch out […]

Lost and Found Groom by Patricia McLinn

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon Book One of the A Place Called Home series from a USA Today bestselling author Chasing a story, hardheaded journalist Kendra Jenner is caught in a vicious hurricane…and unexpectedly in the arms of a stranger who speaks no English. Fear leads to passion leads to their making a baby. […]

Walk The Walk by Kim Carmichael

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon Though she tries to experience the world through her poetry, Luna Morrow caves to conformity rather than allowing her creativity to soar. Pampered and passionate, fashion designer Owen “Blake” Blakeney knows he found his muse when he spots a gorgeous, alternative waitress at the Club 73. Grab it from […]

Crushing Low Stakes Poker: How to Make $1,000s Playing Low Stakes Sit ‘n Gos, Volume 3: Hyper Turbos by Mike Turner

Genre: Non-Fiction Grab it from Amazon Hyper turbos – or super turbos as they are also called – are all the rage these days in the poker world. They are fast, fun, and full of action. And most of all, they are hugely profitable! This is the first book on Amazon devoted entirely to hyper […]

A Black Sail by Rich Zahradnik

Genre: Mystery Grab it from Amazon On the eve of the U.S. Bicentennial, newsman Coleridge Taylor is covering Operation Sail. New York Harbor is teeming with tall ships from all over the world. While enjoying the spectacle, Taylor is still a police reporter. He wants to cover real stories, not fluff, and gritty New York […]

Kalanon’s Rising by Darian Smith

Genre: Fantasy Grab it from Amazon Solve the murder. Stop the war. Save the world. Sir Brannon Kesh spent years building a new life as a physician, leaving the name Bloodhawk and the war that spawned it behind. But when the King’s cousin is murdered, duty calls him back. The crime scene suggests dark magic […]

Failure Is Fatal by Lesley Diehl

Genre: Mystery Grab it from Amazon Someone at Professor Laura Murphy’s college appears to be playing a joke on her by planting sexually explicit stories in her research results, but the joke turns deadly when one story details the recent stabbing murder of a coed. Laura’s close friend, Detective Derrick Pasquis from the local police, […]