Bloody Beginnings by Laura Hysell

//Bloody Beginnings by Laura Hysell

Bloody Beginnings by Laura Hysell

Genre: Fantasy

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What if there was a vaccine to cure the flu… permanently?
Would you blindly get the vaccine? What if you were forced?

Isabella Howerton’s brother was just a Junior Researcher working for a major pharmaceutical company, when he suddenly went missing. Months later, she gets a frantic phone call from him.
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Author Spotlight: Laura Hysell

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Laura Hysell is an author of dark urban fantasy and paranormal romance, with heavy doses of sarcastic humor throughout. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Oregon, less than two hours from beach, mountain, desert, or city. It’s been said that the key to her heart is coffee, but she’s also easily won over by chocolate, books, or a good beer. Luckily, Oregon is filled with all these things, so she’s not moving any time soon. When she’s not reading or writing (a rarity in itself), she is frequently at the beach, camping at a lake, or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors.

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