Incandescently by Sylvie Parizeau

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon What if you got to see a glimpse of the “happy” your future holds. Would you believe? All I knew was pain – a childhood filled with cruelty and villains who used and abused. Until Éolie. I first heard her sweet, angelical voice in the dark of night, when […]

Danger in the Stars by Veronica Scott

Genre: Fantasy Grab it from Amazon Miriell, a powerful empathic priestess, has been kidnapped from her own primitive planet along with a number of her people, and sold to the evil Amarotu Combine, largest organized crime syndicate in the Sectors. When she and her handler are sent to use her power to commit an assassination, […]

1:05 a.m. An Ice Era Chronicle by C.M. Moore

Genre: Science Fiction Grab it from Amazon In a dystopian future, an assassin must choose to fulfill a final contract or keep the love of her life alive. Yearning for a normal life, assassin Karmen-Marie has had enough. Enough of surviving contracted hits, and enough of the post-apocalyptic world. Forced to take one last job, […]

Cinderella’s Not-So-Ugly Stepsister by Lee Hayton

Genre: Fantasy Grab it from Amazon Can your heart bear to listen to the truth? Everybody in the kingdom has heard the tale of Cinderella. A beautiful girl, a discarded shoe, and the winning of a handsome prince’s heart. Well, that’s not my story. It’s not Cinderella’s either. To give them credit, the royal family’s […]

Waves by José Ramón Torres

Genre: Literary Fiction Grab it from Amazon “The only thing to be done with this country is leave it, once and for all.” Ángel could never have pictured himself in a situation like this — hungry, tired, and unsure if he’ll live to see tomorrow. But no price is too high for his family’s future. […]

Tempted By Fate by Cynthia Eden

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon You can’t cheat Fate…and for the record, she really doesn’t like it when you betray her, either. Leo is used to having power. After all, he carries the title Lord of the Light for a reason–he’s a supernatural powerhouse and his job is protect all of the “light” paranormals […]

The Freedom Broker by K.J. Howe

Genre: Suspense / Thriller Grab it from Amazon There are twenty-five elite kidnap negotiators in the world. Only one is a woman. And she is the best in the business. Thea Paris faces the toughest case of her life with a very special client: her father. Will be $2.99 as the Kindle Daily Deal on […]

Witch Way To Amethyst by Barbra Annino

Genre: Mystery Grab it from Amazon Stacy Justice is a young reporter who lives in Chicago, far away from the kooky small town of Amethyst, Illinois, where she was raised by a family of witches. She’s perfectly content with her career, her cat, and her lack of a love life until her cousin informs her […]