Mated to the Dragons by Sara Fields

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon Theirs to Rule. Theirs to Share. After she uncovers evidence of a treasonous conspiracy by the most powerful man on Earth, Jada Rivers ends up framed for a terrible crime, shipped off to a detention facility in deep space, and kept in solitary confinement until she can be sold […]

Lorna versus Laura by Cynthia Hilston

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon Ever since a tragic accident took the lives of her parents, grief-stricken and lonely Lorna Ashford has buried herself by destroying everything left behind — objects, memories, relationships, and even her faith. In the backdrop of 1940s Cleveland, Ohio, Lorna sets out to begin anew after her brother leaves […]

Time Waits by A. J. Henry

Genre: Suspense / Thriller Grab it from Amazon Norman Booler has a peculiar little gift. He sees stuff before it happens. Darkness not from this world finds him. A clan of dirty wealth, radical clerics, and ruthless gangs also want him. Murder is their currency. Will Norman be the last left standing? “An intriguing, action-packed […]

All Systems Down by Sam Boush

Genre: Suspense / Thriller Grab it from Amazon 24 hours. That’s all it takes. A new kind of war has begun. Pak Han-Yong’s day is here. An elite hacker with Unit 101 of the North Korean military, he’s labored for years to launch Project Sonnimne: a series of deadly viruses set to cripple Imperialist infrastructure. […]

Outliers by Kate L. Mary

Genre: Science Fiction Grab it from Amazon In the dusty ruins of the world, three groups exist: the Sovereign, the Fortis, and the Outliers. Within their walled city, exclusive access to the only remaining technology gives the Sovereign an advantage that seems impossible to beat. In exchange for meager scraps and free reign outside the […]

Sweet Revenge by Natalie Wrye

Genre: Erotic Romance Grab it from Amazon Men. Manuscripts. And Manolos… I was failing at two of the three. Dating life aside, when you’re an agent for a successful publishing press, climbing the corporate ladder isn’t your biggest problem… Staying there is. So, when the biggest football star in the world wants to write a […]

Serenity by Craig A. Hart

Genre: Suspense / Thriller Grab it from Amazon Trouble has followed Shelby all his life. And it isn’t going to stop now. Shelby Alexander has learned that getting older isn’t for the faint of heart. He feels it every day in his hands, battered from years as a champion fighter and freelance fixer. Even so, […]

The Librarian by Christy Sloat

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon He’s from 1892 England, she’s in a small library in 2017. And that’s just the start of their troubles. Emme never meant to stay in Maine. She’d come only to find a librarian for her Gram’s library, a custodian for the collection of mysterious books she’d promised to protect. […]

Wolf Kiss by Christine DePetrillo

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon Warrior Reardon McAlator kills anyone’s enemies for the right price. Victory comes easy to him and his fierce army… until one day, they meet their match. Faced with the possibility of destroying their legendary winning streak, Reardon takes action. He makes his men more like him and angers the […]

Baby, Just Say Yes by June Kramin

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon After a terrible car accident, Laura’s memories of the life she and Steve shared since childhood are gone. They return to their home and routine, in hopes that her memories will come back on their own. Steve is determined to do whatever it takes to win back her love […]