Beautiful Midnight by François Houle

Genre: Contemporary Fiction


Cancer. Abandonment. Lost Love.
Fifteen-year-old Midnight Madison isn’t your typical teenager: she’s kind, selfless, and caring, unlike her selfish mother who left twelve years ago when Midnight got sick. Blaming herself for what that did to her father, it becomes her life’s goal to see him happy


Author Spotlight: François Houle

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François Houle’s books can best be described as contemporary character-driven stories that explore the importance that love, family, and friends play in helping us get through the many imperfections and challenges that life has to offer. François grew up one of five boys so it’s no surprise that family is a strong theme in his books. A lot of his inspiration for his first two novels It Happened to Us and Beautiful Midnight and his two novellas We Became Us and Broken Hearts came from the passing of his father in 2005.
François grew up in a small town outside of Montréal, moved to Toronto when he was ten, and currently lives in Ottawa. An avid reader from a young age, he tried to create a comic book when he was twelve, penned hundreds of song lyrics as a teenager, and wrote his first novel in 1985, a sci-fi influenced by the novel Dune. Several horror novels followed, and although none of these books will ever be published, they were important in his development as an author.
When he’s not writing, he’s probably outside doing some landscaping or down in his workshop in the basement.