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Affinities by Hollis Thompson

Genre: Suspense / Thriller Grab it from Amazon What if the voice inside your head wanted out? Andrew Goodwin hears voices. They wake him in the dead of night, lingering behind the walls, growing steadily more intense until they take control. Making him captive in his own home. These voices are real. Andrew doesn’t know […]

Starstuff by Ira Heinichen

Genre: Science Fiction Grab it from Amazon Abandoned and deprived of his legacy, one boy must cross the galaxy to save the father he never knew… Petrick longs for a life outside his backwater orphanage. In his parentless prison, even talking with his friends about the science that spurred space travel and colonization is forbidden. […]

Love on the Lane (The Bachelor Next Door, book one) by Pamela Ford

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon No way is Izzy Gordon going back to her ten-year reunion as a lowly traffic manager—not when she’d always said she was going to be a filmmaker. She’s determined to make her dream a reality by creating a documentary about the gangster history of an old lodge in Wisconsin. […]

Hidden in Harmony by JR Thompson

Genre: Religious & Inspirational Grab it from Amazon HE NEEDED HELP. The Russell family came home one evening to find an uninvited visitor sleeping on their porch. Brock appeared to be quite harmless. SO THEY TOOK HIM IN. Knowing the Bible says they are to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, the Russells take […]

Courage Canyon by Shirleen Davies

Genre: Romance Grab it from Amazon Dirk Masters, ex-Union Cavalry Captain, traveled hundreds of miles to put his past behind him. Finding Splendor and getting a job at Redemption’s Edge seems the perfect opportunity to start over. His new life is predictable and peaceful…until a feisty young woman creates chaos in his orderly existence. Grab […]

Chicago Blue by Stephanie Andrews

Genre: Mystery Grab it from Amazon Bombs are going off in downtown Chicago. Caught in the middle is Kay Riley, an unassuming police officer framed for the devastation. On the run with only her sense of humor and a few old friends to help her out, Kay faces an annoying hitman, a sexy thief, and […]

Whom the Gods Love by M.M. Perry

Genre: Fantasy Grab it from Amazon When Cass draws her blade, nothing can stop her. Except maybe a god. Cass is a seasoned warrior with many battles under her belt. She’s tamed griffins, toppled trolls and conquered mountains. She’s a warrior. Helping others in need is what warriors do. She’s never been afraid of a […]

Inner City by Scott Norton Taylor

Genre: Teen & Young Adult Grab it from Amazon An idealistic young man suffers a devastating childhood experience that uncovers a secret the leaders of his world are hiding from their people. This traumatic childhood memory compels him, years later, to risk his life and fight his government’s lies and oppressive laws so he can […]

The Moreva of Astoreth by Roxanne Bland

Genre: Science Fiction Grab it from Amazon Roxanne Bland performs a stunning feat of world-building in her novel The Moreva of Astoreth, joining the august ranks of Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, Ursula K. LeGuin and other beloved creators of unique worlds and richly imagined civilizations. In this ingenious blending of science fiction, romance, and adventure, […]

The Underground: Second Edition by Roxanne Bland

Genre: Fantasy Grab it from Amazon Roxanne Bland does bestselling authors Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, J.R. Ward, and Laurell K. Hamilton one better with The Underground—rocketing into the upper ranks of urban dark fantasy and paranormal romance by adding a touch of science fiction to the fantastic, horrific, erotic mix. Grab it from Amazon Author […]