ACTIVATION: GAIA Series – Book One by M.G. Gilibert

Genre: Science Fiction

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Short of solutions to their own problems, the world’s nations have surrendered what is left of their authority to GAIA, a global artificial intelligence network.

In the new world order designed by GAIA, where populations are parked in Metropolises and systematically brainwashed for more efficient control, a handful of people will take it upon themselves to organize the resistance.
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Author Spotlight: M.G. Gilibert

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M.G. Gilibert has worked as a finance and strategy manager in the information technology industry for almost two decades.

Approaching his forties, and looking for a renewed purpose in his life, he finally took a leap of faith in 2016 and started to work on his first novel, ACTIVATION, the first book in the GAIA Series.

M.G. currently lives in France.